Limitations of Number Type Input in Vue.js

When developing with Vue.js, we often need to restrict the number input box, for example, limiting the input to three-digit numbers. However, using the min and max attributes alone is not enough. In this article, we will explore the limitations of these attributes and propose a solution to overcome them.


Solve the problem that placing a form in a table causes the content to fail to display

This article will describe how to solve the display problem encountered when placing forms in forms. We will refer to Stack Overflow and Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) articles to learn how to use form attributes to solve this problem.


Copy and Paste Elements in Web Pages with JavaScript to Any Location

Recently, I encountered a need to copy or cut elements like input fields and buttons in a web page while developing. Here, I use JavaScript to find the web page elements to be copied (elements), use node.cloneNode(deep) to copy the elements, and use element.insertAdjacentHTML to place the elements in a specified location.